Gregor Grigorian on the beach promoting Long Island Webmaster

What does a webmaster do? What are the exact skills of a webmaster? Webmasters work like horses to ensure the business stays moving upward. Certain skills are required for website success. People in the webmaster field have to always adjust to new trends while keeping old trends in mind. Things are always changing in the world of the internet, as each year passes more people contribute to the internet and tools are being created to make life easier for the person managing a website. It’s easier to create a website now than it was 20 years ago, it’s also easier to market your website now than it was before, you have access to the world with the internet and that’s an advantage to your business.

It’s a webmaster’s job and responsibility to ensure that the company is moving in an upward direction because the growth of a company that is internet-based relies on a good webmaster. Without a good webmaster who is going to coach your team to make better decisions and lead them towards more success online? You are supposed to be their tech guru even though your job is to be focused on the website, brand management online, emailing partners, or whatever your assignment is on a given day.


Skills That Will Help You Become A Better Webmaster:

Marketing – People go to school for 4 years to become “marketing professionals”, some do really well and others move on to another field. It’s important to have some degree of marketing skills under your belt when you are managing a website. You should be able to make enticing captions for posts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, etc. You want to give the brand as many eyes as possible, that’s how you maximize the chances of getting a click to your brand website. Remember, it’s the marketing person’s job to get people to point A, that’s where it all starts before they are even further educated on a product/service or given a sales pitch. Webmasters that have marketing skills are going to do better than those who completely rely on a quality website, your website can look nice but if it’s not driving website traffic then it might as well be counted as a loss.

Public Relations – This goes hand in hand with marketing to some degree because you need to make sure your brand looks clean online. That means ensuring that your brand doesn’t give out a negative vibe or gives offense to people. You don’t want people associating your brand with negativity. That’s the last thing you want on your dream list, a bunch of people mad at your brand because you couldn’t make a website that was politically correct to some point. It’s also your job as a webmaster to reach out to other brands and see if they’ll conduct a live webinar or some other function to promote each other’s websites. That’s a really important factor in building a quality email list, being able to exchange emails with various partners in the same field as you. That’s going to be some powerful marketing if you can do that.

Social Media Skills – What’s the point of writing an article if you are not going to share it on all the social media platforms. That’s how you maximize exposure to the brand, using social media to get people to share and drive website traffic without completely relying on the search engines. Invest in a quality camera and go to local businesses, offer to take photos, use Photoshop to edit these photos with the right dimensions for that social media platform. Keep on doing this and people will love the quality content you are putting up for them, pair it with some good captions. Use the photos to make blog articles and then share those articles on various platforms, just keep on pushing your website on social media because that’s where billions of people go!

Paid Marketing  – Webmasters are usually the type to promote organic traffic from search engines but then clients are eager to get results as soon as possible. Not too many people want to wait for weeks, months, and years to get organic search results. Some people are willing to put the money up to pay search engines, social media platforms, websites, and influencers to push their product/service. That’s a good way to get instant traffic but you have to make sure people stay loyal to your brand or you will lose a ton of money. Companies like Google offer $100 credit to new businesses who want to use their Advertisement Program. A webmaster should be able to run paid campaigns but should rely mostly on organic unless you’re working for a major brand (spend it all, just kidding).

CRO – It is called Conversion Rate Optimization and is focused on improving the Sales Channel through the website. Especially, for e-commerce based websites getting maximum products added to the shopping cart is their main objective. Your website gets more sign-ups & generates potential inquiries. The important skill of CRO is generating revenue through online marketing methods.

Interpret Upcoming Technology – You’re a webmaster and have to keep on top of the latest trends. You have to study like a genius but you will be a wealth of information, that’s why a webmaster should always keep up with the current and upcoming technology. People are always going to ask you about the future, might as well start researching as much as possible. Keep on top of what other webmasters are doing, there are so many people keeping on top of information that you can find it on thousands of websites. We live in a world of technology and it’s only going to expand further.


Webmasters Need People Skills

Webmasters love to be on the computer as much as possible. They are working on making websites better for the world wide web, that’s an important job and most webmasters take their job seriously. There are thousands of people who are webmasters that work for companies like Google, Bing, Amazon, Nike, Walmart, etc.

These webmasters want to make their websites easy to use, searchable, findable, whatever you want to call it…they want to make the user experience quality. You have to make sure your clients have that quality user experience too by being as kind as possible to them! Don’t be a hermit crab, be able to communicate with the people you are working with. Share ideas that might make for a better website, you are a webmaster, it’s your job to make the website better.