Amazon Seller Websites

Creating A Website Separate From Amazon

It’s a good idea to have a separate website operating from your Amazon Seller account. Even if your Amazon account is suspended, you can still make sales on your website, all you need is a domain and a web hosting server.


A Website Builds Your Brand Awareness

Many Amazon Sellers make a bulk of their earnings from Amazon until they decide to start ranking their website organically on Google while also running pay per click ads. These Amazon Sellers are trying to establish a full digital brand and a website is a wonderful way to do that, list your products and services overall on the website, manage the sales, shipping, etc.

Some Amazon Sellers will notice that their website sales actually start to out-weigh their sales.


Is Your Website Losing Sales?

Some Amazon Sellers have noticed their website sales have started to decrease and we are here to address that issue, we will correct your website technical issues to help boost your SEO again.

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