GoDaddy Canceled

GoDaddy Customer Support: 1 (480) 366-3549

GoDaddy is known to suspend people and never give them access to their accounts again. There are websites dedicated to people complaining about GoDaddy suspensions.

This is nothing new but the mainstream media picked up that companies like GoDaddy which use Amazon Web Services are removing websites that feature heavy conservative content.

Websites that violate the terms and services of GoDaddy are going to have their website removed, you are not going to get a warning about it from GoDaddy either.


Don’t Host Anything Illegal On GoDaddy Servers

That’s the first step to not getting canceled on GoDaddy: Don’t host anything illegal, just think of federal laws when you are uploading on GoDaddy, keep it in mind.

If you are posting content that belongs to another organization, you can get blacklisted by hosting someone else’s intellectual property (trademarks and copyrights).

Even if you post a video from a news organization, you can get blacklisted because that content belongs to the news organization and not you, unless you got permission.

People think they get banned because of “controversial content” but in most cases, it’s because the content wasn’t even theirs in the first place. Doy!

Avoid hosting any content that you don’t own on GoDaddy Servers (videos, photos, articles, pdfs, programs, apps).


Don’t Harass The GoDaddy Customer Support Team

Seriously, I know your website is down right now or you feel like GoDaddy has sabotaged your website but just calm down. Don’t take it out on the customer support team, that’s important.

You want to be nice to the customer support team because out of all the major hosting companies, GoDaddy actually invests a lot of money into their customer support team.

If the customer support team keeps labeling your account as a nuisance or harassment/bullying, GoDaddy has the option to cancel your account and request you take your domain elsewhere. Good luck trying to get back in GoDaddys’ good graces again.

You’ll be directed to the offices of the CEO which basically means you are never getting in contact with anyone from GoDaddy again, you won’t even be able to speak to anyone.

A lot of people who have been canceled on GoDaddy have been threatened with police action if they continue to contact GoDaddy.


Don’t Complain About GoDaddy, Just Move On

I know your website just got canceled or is on the verge of being canceled but just grab a backup, transfer your domain, and start somewhere else.

A big website can take hours or days to transfer but at least you’ll be able to research which servers and hosting companies have loose terms of services.

You could purchase your own dedicated server, hook it up to an enterprise ISP, hook up your Domain & SSL, and host your own websites without hosting companies.

Then again, don’t violate intellectual property laws on your website, your server could then become the property of the government when you go to court for IP theft for hosting content from other people’s organizations like media websites and publications.

Basically, don’t do anything illegal and you will be able to operate a website with GoDaddy.