I would say social media addiction is something that many people across the world are dealing with right now. People feel the need to look at their social media accounts throughout the day to see the news, likes, follows, and all sorts of various dopamine-raising notifications.

Many people spend more time on social media than ever before, people would rather on average consume content via the internet rather than their television set. Children are regularly watching content on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social media companies know that the younger users are the future paying customers for advertising and other perks that the social media company may offer. It might be a good time for parents, individuals, couples, etc to cut the cord on social media consumption or at least reduce the consumption rate.

I can understand people learning and gaining much knowledge from social media companies but there is also a lot of misinformation being provided by individuals who are using social media platforms to spread their own ideologies and information.

Social media companies truly do not have the resources at the moment to monitor the vast amount of content that enters their platforms. You can imagine how much content is hosted on social media databases and servers such as illegal and moral content that you wouldn’t want your child or family to be exposed to. I remember when I was younger, my parents discouraged me from sharing information on the internet because you didn’t know who was reading the content or absorbing the information, it could be used against you.

Social media companies have a lot of user-provided information, and it is certainly used against you, advertising and marketing companies love to purchase behavioral data which gives them ques into your habits and shopping patterns, this information can be extremely useful when companies are trying to reach into your pocket, it’s like they already know you!

I have personally stopped posting personal updates and information on my social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. I deleted my LinkedIn profile as well as TikTok, I have dramatically reduced my postings and content sharing on any platform that I remain on. I don’t feel the need to give social media companies any more information about me than I’ve already given.

The thing that I hate most about being on social media is that I am constantly being tracked along with billions of other people. The social media companies know how long you are on their website, what pages you are visiting, your IP address, and all sorts of useful information like what device you are using. It can be a bummer knowing that every time you log into your account, the tracking begins.

Remember, whatever you post on social media platforms is being hosted on their company servers and databases. You should always read the terms of service for each social media platform before you sign-up, you want to make sure you are not selling your video and photo files, along with any written content, you might be forfeiting your intellectual property rights.

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