It’s a bummer when I visit a really great looking website but the favicon hasn’t been updated. I think it’s super important, especially if you have a WordPress website, you should update your favicon and ensure it matches your website.

What is a favicon? The favicon is the graphic you see next to tabs when you open website urls, it can also be the graphic you see when you bookmark a website. You’ll notice a favicon on this website, it stands out and matches the logo.

A good looking favicon does matter, especially when people have multiple tabs open, a person can identify your website via the favicon. I think an attractive favicon can influence if a user re-clicks on that tab and visits your website again.

You can take a piece of your logo, maybe the first letter or graphic, then shrink that portion into the favicon (512px by 512px). I personally hired someone to create the favicon for Long Island Webmaster, someone on LinkedIn actually contacted me and asked if I wanted to add more dimensions to my favicon, I did, thus the favicon we have now.

I would consider the favicon as almost like a second logo, it’s not going to be as appreciated as the logo but the favicon is complimentary to the logo in many ways, I wouldn’t discount what a favicon means to the website.

It’s easy to upload a favicon on WordPress, make sure to go into your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance, click Customization, go to General Settings, and then click Site Identity, you should find your favicon options there.

Also, I want to say that it’s best to upload a favicon in .png format so the background is transparent, many people have made the mistake of using another file format like .jpeg which will display a background by default (usually white).

You can always hire someone to create a favicon for your brand or like I said before, create your own by cropping a piece of your already made logo. You can find some great designers to help you match your logo if you want a new favicon design.

Long Island Webmaster will edit and install your favicon for you but you can also get free favicon options from websites like, you can convert graphic files, create favicons, and get free advice on how to improve your favicon.

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