Asus Laptop On The Beach

Wouldn’t it sound weird if you heard that your webmaster was using a Google Chromebook to create and manage your website? I have been using a Google Chromebook for some time, whenever I’m not on my Apple Desktop, I’ll be on my very basic and affordable Google Chromebook. It’s one of my favorite inventions.


Asus From Best Buy

The laptop I use is very basic, it’s an Asus and cost me about $216 at Best Buy, I didn’t opt to get insurance but there is a manufacturer warranty that is valid for a year. Of course, I could have bought a more expensive laptop but I loved how the Google Chromebook was very simple and could do the basics.

There are many different brands of Chromebooks on the market but I choose the Asus because I liked the color and heard about how the processor could be a little bit quicker than the other Chromebooks on the market. Of course, the trade-off was that the other Chromebooks might have better graphic cards or similar features.

I never want to spend thousands of dollars on a laptop, I like basic and simple, tag along affordable and I might become an interested buyer, that’s why the Chromebook is appealing to the masses. If you don’t care about status symbols, gaming, or things of that sort, the Chromebook is going to be a decent device to surf the web, work, and more.


Chromebooks Are Durable

I have had different Chromebooks in the past but I love getting a new one every couple of years. I can imagine the Chromebook being useful in travel situations, late-night movies, article reading, etc.

I don’t even need to use Photoshop, I could just use Canva to edit a photo or make slight enhancements. This is definitely a good device to have on the side, even if you have to leave it in your closet and bring it out on rare occasions.

This is definitely a great laptop for teenagers and adults, if you’re a student, I could see the benefit of having a Chromebook to make searches and do research. Plus, you have to remember that the Google Play Store gives access to millions of different internet-based applications for your use.

The Google Chromebook is making further advancements each year, I can imagine that one day Photoshop will be able to be run without a third-party application or jail-breaking the device.


Chromebooks Are Just Right

I can imagine so many reasons why someone should get a PC-based laptop but if you’re okay with something basic and affordable then these Chromebooks are the right laptop for you.

I have been using the Chromebook for years and I think the only thing that annoys me is the caps lock, other than that, it’s a great device with amazing features.

Chromebooks are lightweight and portable, you can take them wherever you go.