Google servers went down and the reason might be as simple as hacking. Services like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps were down for an unknown amount of time. Though Google has not clarified the cause of the problem, hacking does make sense.

Google is able to restore their servers quickly, they are a trillion-dollar company. But hacking attacks can leave databases vulnerable along with folders and files. Servers are at risk of being attacked, especially a company that is worth over a trillion dollars with millions of people’s information.

Google has good reason not to clarify the reason why their servers went down in the first place. There can always be a claim that there was a corrupted database or file. Who really knows the truth other than the employees inside the company handling the servers?

Many accounts are under the Google umbrella, people share information on these accounts and this information can be exposed from hacking. It is recommended that you change your current passwords on other platforms, especially if you have used that password with Google

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