Webmasters Charge

Webmasters can make a lot of money or not so much money at all. It depends on how long the webmaster has been in business and what value he/she brings to your business as a website manager.

Some webmasters start at minimum wage and other webmasters might be demanding upwards of millions depending on the website traffic.

A webmaster should be making a good professional wage, somewhere in the ballpark of $25-$200 an hour depending on the type of website in question.

I would say the yearly range should float around $50,000-$100,000 for the average webmaster.

You might need the webmaster for only a few hours or you might have a bunch of tasks that you want your webmaster to perform in a longer period of time. Different companies, different expectations.


What Does Long Island Webmaster Charge?

I like to look at my brand as more of a boutique-type store, I want to give personal attention and detail to each website that I work on or with. I want to ensure the utmost quality, that’s the benefit of having fewer customers at times because you can laser focus on improving the websites that are already being managed and maintained.

I like to charge $65 for my webmaster classes because I feel like people learn a lot in one hour of classes, they can learn in a few sessions how to fully manage and maintain their own website if they pay attention. I charge $75 for website fixes, a lot of people have called me when their website crashed and they couldn’t get help from their website hosting company.

I feel like people learn a lot in my classes and I wish more people would take the webmaster classes instead of hiring me to go on their website and make changes. I feel like every person who owns a website should know how to manage and maintain the website regardless of if they hire a whole team to manage the website for them or one individual.

You can use the contact form on the home page to inquire about taking webmaster classes or if you need your website fixed.


Find A Webmaster And Move Forward

You can start with a foreign webmaster if you would like who might work for cheaper while you are on a budget but once you have pulled enough resources then you should hire someone local, preferably college-educated.

There are many high schools and colleges that have students that are willing to intern or get paid to work with you, some will start at minimum wage as these students want to build experience. You can find someone who is willing to grow with your business or website as a webmaster, you can gradually give that person a raise or help them find work elsewhere too.

I worked with many companies when I attended Information Technology High School in Queens, NY, I was able to go down the block to the CITI building and learn a bunch about business too.

I think it’s a good idea for some businesses to reach out to local colleges and ask if there are webmasters that are looking for work. I’ve been contacted by Hunter Business School a few times by their webmaster department as well as NYU and Stony Brook.