Man Holding Money

It depends on how you are optimizing your website, are you throwing your money away on bad SEO practices? That’s one of the things we have to identify before finding out why you feel like SEO (search engine optimization) is a waste of money.


Stop BUYING Backlinks From Random People

It’s almost like buying 1000 followers on Instagram, it’s completely useless and doesn’t help you target the demographic that you are trying to target.

If you have a product in America then what help would it be if Instagram knew your audience was all Indian because you bought random followers, guess who is going to see your product? People in India, because that’s your target audience that you decided to pay for.

The same goes for websites, if you are buying 1000 backlinks from some random person, who says these backlinks are not from a foreign country or have nothing to do with the topic/subject of your website?

Stop buying backlinks from random people and start hiring public relations managers to reach out to websites in the same market as you, start exchanging content and doing a link program.

That’s how you get real backlinks, that’s what the bigger companies are doing because they are all competing for the same market-share. They will exchange content and links with other companies because that’s how you build website traffic and online authority.


Stop SPENDING Money On Advertising

You should stop spending money on advertising and focus on your website, you have to make sure your website meets a certain standard, you need to focus on organic search engine growth before paying for it.

You have to prove that your website can organically gain keywords and phrases, that’s how you know you have a healthy website, you can add paid advertising on top of that because you know your website already ORGANICALLY does well, paid is the cherry on top.

So, if you’re spending on advertising, start focusing on building links on search engines by providing meaningful content along with a website that loads quick and gives users an easy way of navigating through the whole site. Make things easier for people, not harder!


Hire SOMEONE Who Knows What They Are Doing

If your webmaster or whoever you hire doesn’t have the plan to make your website meet a certain “standard” for search engines, then you might need to find another person. Because by making your website fit the standards of the search engines, you are overall creating a website that makes it easier for users to load the website and navigate through the site.

That’s what search engines ultimately want, a website that provides information (education, entertainment, products, services, etc), that loads quickly, has good credentials (links from other websites – backlinks, credible websites). That’s not so much to ask for from a multi-trillion dollar company and the funny part is that many people will complain about this process, I beg to differ…

If Google didn’t put these standards in place then the internet would overall be slower, way slower, websites wouldn’t care about speed or performance, they would just put whatever they want and that’s a wrap. I hope you understand that.

Here’s a free SEO guide I created a few years ago, it’s been updated from time to time and still is very useful, not much has changed.