Scared Webmaster

People want website traffic, what’s the point of creating a website if nobody is going to view it? Most people want people to actually visit their website once it’s been created.

People will also shift towards blackhat SEO practices that might actually cause their website more harm than good, you might never rank at all because of these SEO techniques.

Google wants websites that fit a certain standard, you don’t want to go against their standard by creating a website that looks spammy or out of whack. This list has no particular order:


Buying Backlinks From Random Sources

Most people don’t understand what they are purchasing when someone offers them backlinks. They think any backlink is going to help their website get the traffic needed.

I’ve had many clients tell me “backlink” over and over again, drilling the word in my head, as if backlinks was the answer to all SEO problems, it’s a factor but it’s not the be-all of SEO.

Don’t go on Fiverr or random websites and then start purchasing random backlinks that might have nothing to do with your website, you might be buying low-level backlinks.

Work hard for your backlinks by actually doing things like sharing links with reputable websites that have been on the internet and have a good following in your target market.

The difference is one backlink is quality, the one where you got a link shared on a legit website that focuses on your niche or industry. The other backlink is garbage, the random paid ones.


Posting Information That Lacks Quality

It’s either your website is filled with information or it barely has anything, you need to find a balance and provide the website visitor with the information they are looking for on the website.

If you are putting the information you found on other websites then you should consider trying to write your own information so you don’t get pinged for taking someone else’s content.

I’ve seen blog articles that have many spelling and grammatical errors which makes the reading quality poor for the person trying to read the article in the first place.

Google doesn’t want people seeing poorly written information and it obviously wants information to be structured so it’s easy for people to read, these bots look for writing errors.

Making sure your content on your website is produced at a college-educated level should be a priority, we want to make sure our websites fit search engine standards for ranking.


Creating Spam Type Pages

I hate when I see distorted websites that have font sizes that are huge in some places and different colors, it just looks bad and you always find some errors like H1-H6 tags.

That’s a big problem I see on some websites, the website will have a paragraph(s) mistakenly under an H-tag without realizing what they did, it’s a pretty easy fix for anyone to make.

I think every website should look organized to some extent, you have to make sure there is a menu at least or some sort of navigation-way, make sure half the links are not broken.

Don’t try to hide keywords and stuff keywords because you don’t want to create content, you have to hire a content team if you’re not going to do it yourself.

The last point about the spammy page, I’m going to say that a spammy page can slow down your website, especially if you have large image and video files along with javascript.


Don’t Make A Website That Google Rejects

Make sure you follow white-hat SEO practices to ensure your website thrives on search engines like Google for years to come, don’t get blacklisted by search engines like Google.

Keep your website basic, work on getting quality backlinks by doing public relations work and contacting various companies in your niche, start creating content and sharing it.

Google gets a lot of search requests per day, millions of people are using Google to find websites with products, services, and information. Keep that in mind!