Search Engine Optimization

Webmaster Definition: A Webmaster is responsible for creating and managing a website along with the organization of the website such as maintaining the server, uploading content, and creating graphics. Webmasters are also known as a website administrator or website manager. Responsibilities also include: website design, search engine optimization, and public relations. Webmasters also work on your behalf when dealing with website hosting companies!

Webmaster Salary: The average Webmaster has an income of $25-50 an hour, some webmasters are capable of taking in $50-150 per hour and in some cases even more, there have been webmasters that have charged more per hour based on if the situation was an emergency or not, such as a university website not loading for the students, that’s an emergency situation.

Webmaster Company: There are plenty of webmaster companies around the world that continue to offer webmaster services and classes, currently Long Island Webmaster ranks number one in website traffic and reviews for webmaster companies in the world!

Webmaster Contact: If you are trying to find out who the webmaster of a website is then you should try looking in the blog section or the contact pages of the website they manage, you should find a contact form or some sort of email address.