Amazon Echo Dot

Smart devices are cool, I love using my smart devices such as my Amazon Echo Dot. It’s a really great device for listening to music, taking notes, setting reminders, and asking general questions such as; Alexa, what’s the weather like today? But it’s scary to know that my voice recordings and information are being logged and stored in a database that Amazon has access to. That can be an issue when employees of Amazon have access to that database and can access the information that was provided by the Amazon Echo Dot.

Do I think Amazon is going to use the information in a negative way? Probably not, they are probably using the information to further fuel their research and development on the Amazon Echo and similar devices. By knowing more about our patterns and behavior along with our voice signature, Amazon is in a better position to provide us with what we want, that’s pretty much the goal, to give us as consumers what we want.


Amazon Privacy Concerns

Amazon was already caught for having their Echo devices pick up conversations without permission, that’s a big privacy concern that always needs to be addressed. A smart device should never be tracking or recording anything unless you give permission to the application or device, but some companies don’t feel the need to let their users know that they are being tracked. Databases that are compromised can be a big issue, you wouldn’t want your personal information being used against you.


Use Fewer Applications

I think less is more, you shouldn’t have too many applications or use too many websites, I wouldn’t want my information to be scattered with different companies. For example, companies like LinkedIn and Tinder will keep your information in a database after you have deleted an account with their company, the information is more important than you think, and it’s worth a lot of money to companies.

I also highly recommend people don’t use the same password or password patterns on multiple applications and websites, imagine if a database was compromised and your information was taken. Your email and password could be used against you especially if it’s almost the same on every application and website that you use.


Cybersecurity Is Important

There are probably going to be more people in jail for cybersecurity crimes in the future as smart devices become more popular, imagine if someone hacked into your network and was able to access your cameras? It can happen and that’s why cybersecurity is a high-demand job right now and will be in even more demand in the future.

My main concern is that companies are peeving their way into our everyday conversations and influencing our decisions, but how can we all complain when we use technology like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc? We’ve already sold our information for free to these major companies and they get to keep the information in their databases.

If Facebook has a new idea they could always look at the data they have compiled over the years and see statistically what would be their best options, that’s why data and analytics tracking is important to every company that provides smart devices, they can tap into the future market by seeing what the current market likes.