Website Servers

People want to get the cheapest website hosting plan to save money and they don’t realize that it’s just supposed to be a starting point for your website and not for the long term. If you are purchasing a shared hosting plan to save money, I can understand but eventually, you are going to have to upgrade that website hosting plan. There are thousands if not millions of websites being hosted on that shared website hosting plan, this can cause a number of things to happen that will be negative on your website.


What Can Happen With A Shared Account?

One thing that can happen is that if your shared hosting plan doesn’t have a dedicated IP (internet protocol) address, then you can be bunched up and be blacklisted from certain servers along with databases around the world. That means people are not going to be able to find or see your website, search engines will actually de-rank you and possibly de-index you from the search engines.


The Benefits Of Better Hosting Plans

Having a dedicated IP address with your shared hosting plan will usually help your website, your content will have a higher chance of being indexed on the search engines along with gaining higher rank over time. Websites can load quicker with the dedicated IP address and the price isn’t bad either, it usually costs $5-15 a month extra but it’s totally worth it. You will eventually have to upgrade to a faster server like a VPS (virtual private server) which will ensure that you keep the same performance as before while adding new bits to your website.

The larger your website in terms of website traffic along with information, the more likely you will need to upgrade your server. Some people now would rather prefer cloud-based hosting because you are charged based on how many people actually visit your website vs a set price for the month, your price will fluctuate but your website will probably load amazingly. Companies like Amazon are heavily invested in cloud website hosting and database management, and trillions of dollars are saved by individuals and businesses thanks to cloud research and development. GoDaddy actually uses AWS (Amazon Web Servers) to provide their website hosting, a rather smart way for the company to save money while also increasing foreign customer support systems.


Where To Start Your Website Journey

I believe people should first start with a website hosting company like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, or something along the lines of Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, Shopify, etc. These companies are developed and they are paying to improve themselves, they put money back into the company to make sure that the next batch of customers are especially happy while their current customer base sees improvements and further development.

Start with a shared hosting plan that has a dedicated IP, start creating content for your website and see how your rankings on search engines do, then you can always upgrade or switch to another company, you will never need your own server tower with a backup generator unless you like keeping your own data and information from the big time hosting companies.


Some Final Words

I know people who have to manage databases for companies and they will also manage the whole server physically because it’s supposed to be private information only for the company. But it depends on what you are doing, the pentagon just canceled a 10 billion dollar contract with Microsoft to see their options with Google and Amazon (AWS – Amazon Web Services); both provide cloud services although Microsoft really pioneered the cloud movement with big investments in research and development. I am curious to see who the pentagon will choose for their cloud database management, I’m surprised they don’t have their own resources. The government is literally outsourcing work.

Final note: Websites that have fast databases do rank better because Google wants websites that deliver information as quickly as possible, accurate information but quickly.