Google PageSpeed Insights

Do you know how fast your website loads? Google has a quick and easy tool that is available for free, you can use this tool to see how fast your website loads.


Introducing Google PageSpeed Insights

This free Google tool is called: Google PageSpeed Insights and helps you see your website loading time in under 60 seconds.

You can see how fast your website loads on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can also see how you can make improvements to your website speed like reducing JavaScript, compressing images, upgrading your server, etc.


What’s The Point Of A Fast Website?

The reason your website should load quickly is that people are likely to exit the page if it doesn’t properly load in 5 seconds or less. How many times have you exited a website on your mobile device because it doesn’t load quickly? I have personally left many websites that would not load in time, I would go to another website.

We as website owners want to ensure that we keep our websites up to date. Having a website that loads quicker each year is one goal to have. I want to make sure my website is faster as each year passes by while also increasing the amount of information that is on the website. You have to find a way to balance information and speed with a goal like that.

Be sure to use this tool provided by Google to ensure that your website is always delivering information at optimal speeds. A faster website is also going to help your website rank higher. Google wants to display websites that load quickly to people who are using their search engine. Work on having a website that loads as quickly as possible.


Quick Tips For Website Owners

Here’s a tip that can be helpful when trying to improve website speed; upgrade your server and reduce the amount of JavaScript on your pages. A lot of people are running websites on a shared server with thousands of other websites. I would recommend getting a dedicated IP on a shared server or upgrading to a VPS server. A VPS is affordable compared to a Dedicated Server and most websites do alright on VPS when it comes to speed and loading times.

A server with more resources dedicated to it will perform quicker, and a website with less JavaScript can load faster. You have to find a way to balance the two but sometimes people want a website with a lot of animation and movement. You might have to add JavaScript because that’s how you want your website to look, some people are fine with basic HTML/CSS. Though the website might look more “basic”, it will more than likely load quickly.