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A number of websites have the design but they don’t really optimize their websites for search engines. People need to know this simple fact: People go on Google and search for things they want to find.


SEO vs Social Media Channels

I get it, you want to advertise your company on social media but you have to consider the power of search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo!, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo. There are so many other search engines that exist too, did you know Amazon and Facebook are search engines? YouTube is a search engine too.

You know these companies are big deals so why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage? Your website would benefit from the increased exposure, it would make sense to use these search engines.


What The SEO Audit Will Tell You

You’re going to get vital information about your website by getting an SEO Audit. Information such as:

  • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. That’s what is displayed on search engines, it tells people what you’re website is about when they are searching through the listings on websites like Google.
  • Page Header Tags. These headers show search engines what content is most important on your page. It goes from H1 to H5. H1 is the highest priority and H5 is the lowest.
  • Website Content. Are you targetting the right keywords? Are you changing the keywords to match trends? Is there even enough content on the website to be properly ranked? Ask these questions and find out if you have enough keywords and content. Target some long-tail keywords (phrases instead of words), and make sure your images are optimized for search engines too. You want your stuff to show up in the images section of the search engine.
  • Backlinks. Super important. It’s what really helps raise your website traffic, and listing rank on search engines. You want other websites linking back to you, this signals that you have some pretty valuable information on your website. The more quality links that go to your website, the better ranking you can attain for certain keywords.
  • Usability, Performance, & Responsiveness. Does your website load up normally in all frames like desktop, tablet, and mobile? How fast does the website load? How does the website look on other browsers? You want your website to look great on any device, this is very important. Don’t limit yourself, have your website available to any device. All your content should load quickly, if not then you are sending a signal to Google that you have a slow website. Maybe someone else with a quicker website should be ranking higher than yours. That’s what Google will do then.
  • Social Media Statistics. Are you on all the social media networks? Can people find your website from these networks? You should try and use all the social media channels to your advantage because they usually have a number of people you can pull from those websites. That’s good website traffic, you should be posting content and getting people to check out your website. Have them subscribe to your website and maybe they’ll spend more time on your website instead of on Facebook.
  • Website Security. You want to have a secure website. What’s the point of having a website that is non-secure? People can just hack into it and then you are left with time wasted. That’s why you want to make sure you don’t have any holes in your security game. Have someone run an audit on your website to see if you have any problems with security.


Have A Webmaster Check Your Website SEO

These are some factors that go into what information I provide when doing an SEO audit, there are a number of other factors but these are the basics. I would have to log into your dashboard or panel to further assess what we can do to improve your SEO. I would have to view your posts, pages, plugins, theme, etc. There are hundreds of factors when it comes to SEO.