Website Webmaster

There are good reasons to have a webmaster on-call just in case anything happens to the website such as a theme error, plugin crash, server failure, database trigger, etc.

Those are some pretty good reasons why you should have a webmaster on-call, you should have your webmaster periodically check your website for any changes or errors.

If you have a webmaster who screen-shares with you and shows you how to make changes, more power to you, I’m one of those types of webmasters.


Learning Experience

I try to explain things as basic as possible to help people understand what I know in terms of website management and I don’t expect many people to understand.

A lot of things might not make sense at first like having to put title tags, descriptions, and various other SEO snippets to rank for search engines but you’ll see why in due time.

I’ve had a lot of clients that wanted a website their way which is reasonable but there was no website traffic, there had to be a flaw or something to improve upon.

Sometimes a complete rehaul of the website needs to be done and some things have to be reversed to the basics, a lot of website owners might get disappointed at this fact.

There are many website owners who want a website to look and read a very specific way but my idea is to make a website that is of a high-quality standard to people and search engines.


Webmaster Pricing

You hire a webmaster and of course, you’re spending money for their services but eventually, there comes a point after the website is created that things slow down.

That means you won’t have to pay your webmaster as much because the basics are down such as setting up the hosting, wiring the domain, setting up the theme, plugins, etc.

The initial cost of hiring a webmaster to get these things done will obviously cost more at first because of the extra time but afterward, it’s more about maintenance and updates.

Once your website is properly set up, you can always have your webmaster build upon the website or you can contact them periodically to check on the website and make changes.


Webmasters Fast Track Your Website

I use my experience and skills to fast-track websites, I have a system I use that usually involves creating a fast website paired with content that matches the users’ intent.

I make sure my clients get a logo, have their domain paired up, have the best hosting plan, and essentially I do everything for their brand that I would do for my own brand.

A webmaster knows what to do to get your website on search engines quickly, it’s our job to make sure your website matches the standard placed by Google.

Essentially as a webmaster, you are a student of the game, this game is orchestrated by the top search engine: Google. You must always know what the search engine giant wants.

That’s a webmaster’s job to make sure your website is at the optimal performance (speed, functions, usability, responsiveness, etc) and a golden standard for search engines (A+).