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Long Island Webmaster is a Private Website Management Company located on Long Island (Nassau County, New York), focused on providing website management and maintenance.

Services: Web Repair, Database Error Repair, Web Design, SEO, Website Hosting, Website Setup and Installation.

Long Island Webmaster also offers screen-share Webmaster Classes for individuals or businesses seeking to learn about Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Writing, Adobe Photoshop, Server/Database Maintenance, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, and more!

Long Island Webmaster is trusted and followed on social media platforms by website hosting companies such as HostGator, GoDaddy, Wix, BlueHost, SEMRush, and WordPress.

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Use Canva For Graphic Designs

Use Canva For Graphic Designs

Use Canva to create unique graphic designs for your website and overall business brand. You can create logos, banners, signatures, social media promotional content, and much more using this browser-based application, it's easy to create graphics using Canva. I...

Google Web.Dev Tools

Google Web.Dev Tools

Google has introduced Web.Dev, a website designed to help website developers make better websites. Google has a tool where you can measure page quality, this allows you to see what Google wants your website to be like, and what perimeters should be followed. I use...

Remove Backlinks With SEMRush

Remove Backlinks With SEMRush

SEMRush has a new feature where you can scan your backlinks and see which ones are toxic to your website URL. This backlink tool is especially helpful for removing spammy and low-level links that do not help search engine rankings.   The Backlink Tool Is Free...

Changing The Divi Logo On Your Website

Changing The Divi Logo On Your Website

Go into your WordPress dashboard:, hover over Divi on the left panel and click on Theme Options. Once you are in Theme Options, you will see the General tab automatically, the first option is the Divi logo, put a link to your logo or...

Is Your WordPress Website Optimized?

Is Your WordPress Website Optimized?

There are millions of websites that are not optimized for search engine traffic at the moment, most business owners don't understand why this is happening. A lot of business owners expect their website to be on search engines after purchasing a domain and website...

Removing Fake Reviews On Google My Business

Removing Fake Reviews On Google My Business

Removing fake reviews is part of being a webmaster, you have to periodically remove fake reviews that customers might receive on their Google My Business profile. Fake reviews happen to a lot of people and more often than you think. You have to manually submit the...

What Does A Webmaster Do?

A webmaster is responsible for keeping your website in tip-top shape. A webmaster may be tasked with creating the website, maintaining the website, overall expansion and/or management of the website.

Webmasters should be able to edit web designs, fix broken code, help with server maintenance, optimize content for search engine rankings (SEO), make content edits, create and remove backlinks, and deal with web hosting!

A webmaster must be able to handle all aspects of a website, think of a webmaster as the administrator or website manager. Webmasters use analytics to improve overall website performance (speed, security, content, servers).

Greg Grigorian Of Long Island Webmaster

Greg Grigorian

The Long Island Webmaster

Long Island Webmaster is here to serve your business with any website-related needs it may be having. Your website will be monitored by me and I’ll ensure we have open communication by phone or email.

Whether it be web design, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, graphic design, or anything else that’s website-related, my company will be here to help you. I will personally be managing your website.

I always want to have a long-term relationship with my clients, I currently manage and maintain a collection of websites, a lot of clients have been with me for years as the brand continues to expand.

Many people who contact me want a WordPress Developer who can also do their SEO, I have helped many businesses with their WordPress websites and SEO campaigns since the early 2000s. I also work with HTML/CSS/PHP based websites, I love working with all types of websites, I’ll help your website.

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Website Maintenance For Your Online Business

Long Island Webmaster is here to provide your business with the web help it needs; ask us about domain names, website hosting, or any other website-related question such as about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Each website is unique, let’s see how we can improve your website today. Contact Long Island Webmaster to take an online class and see the issues/problems with your website on a screen-share, you can record the online class.

Your website might need minor fixes or major changes, some businesses only require about an hour or two of help per month when it comes to website maintenance (updates, edits, changes, etc). Most people contact us for WordPress support or WordPress development along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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