Long Island Webmaster

New York Webmaster

Long Island Webmaster is a business created by Gregor Grigorian of Long Island, New York. Gregor Grigorian is currently working as a GoDaddy Pro, Quora Partner, and Google Webmaster.

The ultimate goal of Long Island Webmaster is to teach website owners how to properly manage and build their website.

Gregor Grigorian has a decade-plus of experience with building and managing websites. He takes get pride in helping people learn about their own websites and how to make a better website.

A business that uses a webmaster is more likely to have better results than a business that leaves their website unmanaged. Having a website manager can make a difference in overall business.

Long Island Webmaster has a blog section dedicated to helping website owners in the New York area to all over the world with improving their website. Posted below is a button to the Webmaster Blog.

Web Design

We will create a new website design for your website or optimize a current design. Show us a design you like and we’ll recreate it. We will ensure your website is viewable from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. We’ll even give you DIVI free of charge if you have a WordPress website. Coding isn’t a problem too, just let us know what you need.

Digital Marketing

We will rank your website for new keywords or increase your current listing rank on search engines such as Google. Also, you’ll know who is on your website with Google Analytics and weekly reports sent to you. Remember, search engine optimization and social media marketing can help a business grow overtime online.

Content Production

We will create content for your website such as blog posts and interactive videos. We’ll even come to your business to create videos for your brand. Content is a great way to engage your audience. Most companies online are producing content for their website viewers on a daily basis, it’s proven to increase web traffic.

Web Security

We will update your website and check for any security risks that might be harmful towards your website. Our job is to ensure that your website is safe from hackers and competitors who wish harm to your business. Keep people away from your website backend by utilizing patches and monthly updates.

Photoshop Graphics

Need to post something on your website but want to make it unique? We will create custom graphics with images provided by your company, we’ll even come to your business to take photos on Long Island. We use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for our clients, most of our graphics were created using these programs.

Webmaster Classes

Download Skype and we’ll get you connected with a Webmaster that will assist you with screen-share. Having any computer related problem? Our team will assist you while on the phone or by email, plus we teach you. Need Gregor’s help instead? Gregor will personally teach you how to use your website or WordPress.