Website Manager
A website manager can be essential for your business no matter what kind of website you are showing to the world. There are various websites that would benefit from having a website manager like a museum website, water-park website, hotel website, and the list goes on.


Website Managers Are Webmasters

Most people define their website manager as a webmaster. That’s the job of a webmaster; to create and manage websites for a living. Basically, they mean the same thing, a website manager is a webmaster and a webmaster is a website manager. I would say that companies will give more back-end privileges to a webmaster and more front-end privileges to a person with the website manager title.

A website manager is going to be monitoring your website, making sure it is loading at optimal speeds, and being on-call whenever there is a security threat or breach. Website Managers can also be tasked to make changes on the website, perform post and page edits, along with posting content.


Let Your Webmaster Handle The Tasks

As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to spend 3 hours on the phone with the hosting company to get your website back up. Your website manager is going to be there to work with the hosting company to make sure the website is running and working efficiently so people can access the website optimally.

Creating a website is easier now than ever but afterward, you are going to periodically make edits and updates to your website as your business progresses. Your website manager is an employee who overlooks all of your website problems. If you have a problem with your website then your website manager should be able to figure out the problem or task/contract someone else to do it for the company.

Website Managers should be able to constantly keep your website in the flow, which means updated and present. Having a website that is regularly maintained by a website manager is going to obviously perform better than a website that has no help or care whatsoever.


Learn How To Manage And Maintain Your Website

Of course, you can learn how to manage and maintain your own website, you could learn how to use cPanel and WordPress in a week if you wanted to learn. There might be a time when you become busy and you find someone else to manage and maintain your website.

It’s good to hire a website manager or webmaster in brief periods as well, you can have the website fixed up and then try to manage the website on your own. I’ve had people hire a website manager or webmaster for a few weeks to fix their website or even seasonally when they need updates/changes. Some people have hired me to teach them how to manage their website, most people learn after several classes.

All website managers have different skill levels, some might be able to help you with writing articles or producing video content for your website. While other website managers might be able to optimize your website for search engines or make social media postings along with graphic design. Some website managers might be able to do all of the above or even more, it depends on who you are hiring.