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It’s easy to use the same password on multiple websites, you don’t have to remember or keep track of the different passwords but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. When you give a website your information like a username, password, and email, you are ultimately logging information into a database that multiple people if not thousands have access to.


Passwords Can Be Stolen And Other Information

Yes, your password is stored in a database and can be accessed, what stops a bad employee from stealing someone’s information and applying it on other websites? That’s why I recommend 2 step verifications or adding some sort of multiple verification systems with a code generator. I’ve seen major companies have database breaches and it’s not good news for the millions of users who had their information captured.

I had to work for a stockbroker school and they had a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Program) that would log credit cards, passwords, usernames, etc. It was worse than having your information stored in a database because ANY employee could access your information. I had to tell the boss that only HE should have access to this information, never know if he listened…but I am sure his customers wouldn’t be happy if they knew how his operation was running.

And trust me when I say this, there are a lot of cheap companies out there that hire foreign workers to manage their databases. Guess what? A lot of times that information is stolen and then sold on the dark web because the business owner didn’t care about protecting data and information, they actually are the reason their customer is suffering in the first place from problems.


Don’t Give Your Information Away

Always be careful when submitting information to a website, you want to make sure it’s a reputable website that isn’t going to use your information against you. People do illegal things and you want to avoid those people in the first place, I’ve seen big companies have breaches of data because it was mostly an inside job, the employees gained access to valuable data (company intellectual property).

Most hackings around the world happen because of passwords, people gain access to your password through forms and databases. I’ve seen websites that look real but are really phony websites that are trying to get you to submit information on their forms so the hackers can send the information back to their database. Remember, you probably have to be tricked into submitting your information for anyone to get access these days, be sharp!


Use A Password Generator Or Create A Complex Password

Use a password generator, write that password down, memorize it, and try to not rely on saving passwords using third-party programs/apps, you are still giving your information away. Be sure to change your password several times per year and make sure your passwords are different on each website!

People want to save money but remember that you might have implications from trusting the wrong company or person. You don’t want to lose all the information that your customers trusted you to keep and protect, they are using your products or services, make sure their information is secure.


Other Related Information

I hate when companies gather information, then these companies let ANYONE access this information that works at their office, and those companies are putting people in danger without even knowing it!

Anything you upload onto someone else’s database will be stored, you could even ask your Amazon Echo for information and that voice clipping will be sent to a database. Companies are doing more than just storing information, they are also storing voice clippings, photos, videos, anything that can help companies understand what your behavior patterns happen to be.