The word “Webmaster” used to be popular in the 90s and early 00s. Recently, it’s becoming popular once again. People are searching the web for webmasters to manage their websites.

The whole point of having a Webmaster is that you get somebody managing your website full-time. That means your website will have:

  • Theme, Plugin, and Platform Updates
  • Website Backup, Cloning, Migration, & Security
  • Content Posting, Writing, Editing, and Management
  • Keyword Research and Keyword Implementation


Should Companies Start Hiring Webmasters?

Sometimes owners of businesses will contact me and ask that I speak to their employees that manage the website. First thing I usually notice is that most of these people are usually not website designers or have any real experience with managing websites. Why? Usually, these people are hired for administrative assistant jobs and end up managing the content on the company website. Do they do a good job? Usually but not always, sometimes more issues can arise from having someone with basic knowledge manage your website.

Companies should be aware that quality is being diminished when you hire someone outside of what you’re hiring for right now. I know people take offense when you ask if you would hire a cook to manage your website or a mechanic but seriously, would you? Probably not, you would hire someone who has experience managing websites, hopefully, someone with a passion for building websites.

Remember, your website is an asset, you are going to gain revenue from your website when you hire someone who knows how to create a website from the ground up. Having that experience is good because you’ll know why your website is slacking or why it’s super successful, experience does play a big part along with skill.


The Right Company Is The One You Can Trust.

Trust is important, especially when dealing with people online. When trust is broken then you can find a list of reviews from the people who had their trust broken, you’ll probably find it in your Google Reviews section. That’s why you never want to break trust with someone, they are trusting you to bring the results and are you paying you at the same time. Never burn that bridge because those people who trust you are going to be the same people who bring the same type of people to you by inviting their friends, family, and partners to hire you.

I always thank my clients for giving me access to their website, giving me a chance to improve their website, and by giving me the chance to even speak with them. I am always thankful when a client comes to me because they could have gone anywhere else but they choose me, that’s a powerful feeling and I feel grateful.